Please check for updates closer to the conference and, after you're at the conference, please come back here regularly to learn about changes. We're agile. We'll try to communicate changes face-to-face and in Email, too, but will also try to keep this as the authoritative best understanding of the current reality.

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Day Activity Time Facilitator
Sunday 19/5 Arrival From 15:00 Gertrud
Welcome and Opening Ceremony 17:00 Cope, Gertrud, Neil
Dinner 19:00 Dining Room
Monday 20/5 Breakfast 08:00 Dining Room
Morning Games 09:00 Gertrud
Sample Writers Workshop ⓪: Product Backlog (Cope / Gertrud) 10:00 Neil
Lunch 12:00 Dining Room
Value Stream Introduction 14:00 Cope
Writers Workshop ⓵:
    Definition of READY (Neil)

    Sprint Backlog (Neil / Mike)
15:00 Lachlan
Writers Workshop ⓶:
    Sprint (Cope / Gertrud)

    Snack Shrine (Kiro)
15:00 Gabby
Dinner 19:00 Dining Room
Tuesday 21/5 Breakfast 08:00 Dining Room
Morning Games 09:00 Neil
Writers Workshop ⓷:
    Kaizen Pulse (Cope)

    Fixed-Date PBI (Cope)
    Vacation PBI (Cope)
10:00 Dina
Writers Workshop ⓸:
    Daily Scrum (Mike, Ademar)

    Autonomous Team (Neil)
10:00 Jens
Lunch 12:00 Dining Room

Hike in Troldskov or other personal activities at your leisure


Dinner 19:00 Dining Room
Wednesday 22/5 Breakfast 08:00 Dining Room
Morning Games 10:00 Cope
Writers Workshop ⓽:
    Scrum Wrapper (Evan)

    Impediment Removal Team (Evan)
10:00 Dina
Lunch 12:00 Dining Room
Nap Time 13:30

              Session to work on pattern languages or other "big" topics

Writers Workshop ⓻:
    Norms of Conduct (Cesário)

    Optimization Teams (Cesário)
16:30 Evan
Writers Workshop ⓼:
    Sprint Planning Meeting (Neil & Mike)

    Sprint Retrospective (Neil & Mike)
16:30 Ademar
Dinner 19:00 Dining Room
Evening Event (Trust? Battle?) ca. 21:00 Fireplace Room
Thursday 23/5 Breakfast 08:00 Dining Room
Opening Games 09:00 Lachlan
Writers Workshop ⑪:
    Happiness Metric (Jeff)

    Sprint Goal (Neil & Mike)
10:00 Evan
Writers Workshop ⑫:
    Spirit of the Game (Lachlan & Jens)

    Collocated Team (Lachlan)
10:00 Cesário
Lunch 12:00 Dining Room
Nap Time 13:30 Gertrud

               Language workshop

14:30 Cope
Dinner 19:00 Dining Room
Social hour (Neil will bring chocolate) 21:00 Team room
Friday 24/5 Breakfast 8:00 Dining Room
Closing Games 10:00 Outdoor

Patterns that fall off the bottom for now:
  • Pulse (may still need some work, and to compensate for the fact that Neil has a disproportionate number of patterns)
  • Circle of Trust (maybe we need an evening session to talk about trust - also, see above)
  • Improvement Community (may still need some work)