Please write to the group with your ideas of things to do in Porto! Everything we do should advance the completion of either this Work or "the next one":
  • PO's report
  • Rainstorm
  • Opening Games (every day)
  • Nap time (every day)
  • Traditional Introductory Writers' Workshop
  • Brainstorm titles for the book (I plan to put up a walk-by board where we can add ideas during the week)
  • Literate Writing Workshop — led by Richard Gabriel
    • Goal: Gain insight into the place of beauty in the language of our sequences and patterns
  • Workshop on sequences and pattern languages — led by Cope, Dick and Neil
    • Goal: Learn more about PLs in depth and use that knowledge to refine our own languages. The Scaling topic will also come up here
  • Writers' ScrumBlitzes
    • This year's alternatives to the standard Writers' Workshop format — at author discretion
  • Frame out the book outline
  • Working group for The Next Generation Scrum PLoP
  • Group outing (Ademar will soon let us know about the options — lots of nice alternatives)

Sunday, 24 May Monday, 25 May Tuesday, 26 May Wednesday, 27 May Thursday, 28 May Friday, 29 May
8:00 Arrivals and Welcome Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9:00 Opening Games / Daily Scrum: Rainstorm Opening Games / Daily Scrum Opening Games / Daily Scrum Opening Games / Daily Scrum Closing Games
9:45 Demo Writer's Workshop: Burndown Chart; PO opening address Morning Session: Snack Shrine & Greatest Value Morning Session: Literate Writing Morning Session:  Scrum Team & Small Team Goodbyes
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:15 Nap Time Nap Time Nap Time Nap Time
Afternoon Session 1a: Scrum Board & The Mist Afternoon Session 1b: Impediment List & Product Roadmap
Outing Afternoon Session 1: Chief Product Owner & Product Owner Team Afternoon Session 1: Definition of Done & Cheerleader
16:15 Afternoon Session 2: Continuous Deployment & Small Items to Estimate Afternoon Session 2: "Chapter 2" and Scaling Afternoon Session 2: Value Stream, Velocity Chapter
18:15 Free Time Free Time Free Time
19:00 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
20:30 Get-acquainted games Evening Session & PBIs: Session on Pattern Languages, Sequences
Evening Session & PBIs: Next-Generation Working Group Kickoff  Evening Session & PBIs: Retrospective