Scrum PLoP 2019

ScrumPLoP 2019 — the Tenth Annual Scrum PLoP® — will take place at Quinta da Pacheca, Portugal, from 12 May 2019 until 16 May 2019.

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I have read books by Sutherland, Cohn, Rubin, Lacey and more, and plenty more articles on top of that, but I have never found information more helpful on the subject of Scrum than what I found on your site. — Dana Pace

For years now, the site is one of the focus area in my CSM classes. Teams in class have to research a pattern and create a presentation on their pattern to the other teams in class. ... I make sure that they walk out of class with knowledge of this valuable resource to them as ScrumMasters. — Bob Sarni
Bob, I like your approach. Have started slowly to move in the same direction. Taking small reversible steps ;-) is a valuable source and reference. —  Arne Åhlander

I haven't learned so much in such a short time for a long time. Very insightful. — Sohrab Salimi

Jeff Sutherland @ Scrum, Inc:
A Pattern Language for Hyperproductivity

Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of Scrum, is a charter member of the Scrum Patterns group. He is the author of most of  these Scrum PLoP® patterns — patterns he teaches to get teams off to a good start, and to get great teams to a hyperproductive state:
Jeff presented these at Agile 2013.