Scrum Tulip PLoP 2021 - Enkhuizen Netherlands

The Spring version of ScrumPLoP 2020 2021 — the Eleventh (almost) Annual Scrum PLoP® — will take place in Enkhuizen, Netherlands, on 23 - 26 May 2021.

Curious about our purpose: The ScrumPLoP Mission


May 23
Morning - Pattern bootcamp - 
Afternoon - Start conference, socialising and example writers workshop.
Evening - Food, wine and socializing

May 24 - 26
Track 1 - Writers workshops for accepted proposals.
Track 2 - Open Space on Pattern Sequences / Experience reports
Track 3 - Pattern mining to generate new area's for witting patterns for.
Evening - Organised conference dinner

May 27
Morning - Closing games and goodbye.

To attend the conference it is required to submit a pattern proposal. You will be assigned a Shepherd who will help you get your paper at the level for workshopping at the conference.
  • Your patterns will be published on our new site in the candidate patterns section with your credentials.
  • Your patterns have the potential to be published in a next book under your author credentials.
For details see: Submission Guidelines: How do I write a pattern?

The registration cost is €403,11. See logistics and registration details.

ATTENDEES ( max 20 )
  • Alan O'Callaghan
  • Cesario Ramos
  • James Coplien
  • Getrud Bjørnvig
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I have read books by Sutherland, Cohn, Rubin, Lacey and more, and plenty more articles on top of that, but I have never found information more helpful on the subject of Scrum than what I found on your site. — Dana Pace

For years now, the site is one of the focus area in my CSM classes. Teams in class have to research a pattern and create a presentation on their pattern to the other teams in class. ... I make sure that they walk out of class with knowledge of this valuable resource to them as ScrumMasters. — Bob Sarni
Bob, I like your approach. Have started slowly to move in the same direction. Taking small reversible steps ;-) is a valuable source and reference. —  Arne Åhlander

I haven't learned so much in such a short time for a long time. Very insightful. — Sohrab Salimi

Scrum Patterns Training
In the two days prior to Scrum Tulip Plop , on October 27-28, a Scrum Patterns class is provided by James Coplien and Cesario Ramos. You can register here.