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What is a PLoP?

PLoP stands for Pattern Languages of Programs.

  • What? PLoP conferences are short-lived communities that come together to review and refine bodies of literature for communities of practice. Sometimes, the sense of community far outlives the conference. All PLoPs are run as not-for-profit events under the umbrella of The Hillside Group as a sanctioning body. ScrumPLoP has become a stable, long-term community of committed pattern-writers.
  • Why? PLoPs came about in large part because everyday programmers became frustrated that the conferences of the day, like OOPSLA and ECOOP, didn't provide a forum to publish the everyday great ideas that made everyday programming a joy, and because those conferences published ideas that were becoming less and less relevant to the everyday programmers. It's worthwhile sharing these simple ideas freely, and PLoPs became a forum to share the ideas through dialog and the body of literature produced by the community. ScrumPLoP explores the untold rationales behind Scrum practices.
  • Who? PLoPs weren't founded or underwritten by a professional society, but were a grassroots movement that started with communities of software developers. ScrumPLoP is also independent of any sponsoring body.
  • Where? PLoP conferences have been taking place around the world since 1994, and have taken place at venues as diverse as Illinois and Arizona, USA; Kloster Irsee in southern Germany; Okinawa in Japan;  Adelaide, Australia; Rio de Janiero; in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. So far ScrumPLoP has ranged only from Sweden to Denmark, but there is talk of new venues such as the U.S. and Australia. Stay tuned!
  • How? PLoPs build on simple principles of mutual respect, trust, fun, good food, and beautiful venues. The hard work of reviewing (in writers' workshops) is interspersed with games and good food and drink. Many PLoPs have a late-night culture with activities ranging from a kaffe klatch to well-lubricated Stübe singing, from horseback riding to a good cold morning swim to long walks in the woods.

When you come to a PLoP, you might expect to be part of...

 ... a parachute game ...
 ... a ceremonial burning of the manuscripts ...

 ... a walk in Troll Woods ...