First-Level Scrum Patterns

The first Scrum patterns were published as "SCRUM: An extension pattern language for hyperproductive software development" in the pattern literature in 2000. The authors were:

  • Mike Beedle

  • Martine Devos

  • Yonat Sharon

  • Ken Schwaber

  • Jeff Sutherland

This pattern language captures the components of Scrum. It extends the original organizational patterns from which the Scrum Pattern Summary patterns are selected. The work by Beedle et al. includes these patterns:

  • Engage QA

  • Named Stable Bases

  • Firewall

  • Developer Controls Process

  • Demo After Spring

  • Sprint (a refinement of Named Stable Bases)

  • ScrumMaster

  • ScrumTeam

  • Hyperlinked Organization

  • Backlog

  • Scrum Meetings

The papers contains one of the earliest descriptions of Scrum. It combines existing patterns as well as presents the newly mined patterns Scrum Meeting, Sprint, and Backlog.

You can read this work at: