ScrumPLoP 2013 Attendee Roster

The following folks have confirmed their attendance:

  • Neil Harrison - Coordination and PO function towards the Work

  • Gabrielle Benefield - Overall approach to the pattern language

  • Jeff Sutherland - Hyperproductive Pattern Language

  • Lachlan Heasman - Spirit of the Game, Team pattern language

  • Jim Coplien - Vacation PBI and Value Stream Pattern Language

  • Gertrud Bjørnvig - Pattern Language Focus and Value Stream Pattern Language

  • Da Beedle - Daily Scrum Pattern Language, maybe Sprint pattern language (with Neil)

  • Dina Friis - Team Pattern and Value Stream Pattern Language

  • Jens Østergaard - Spirit of the Game

  • Kiro Harada - Snack Shrine and associated patterns, per the Hawaii discussion

  • Cesário Ramos - Optimization Teams, Norms of Conduct and 360° Feedback

  • Evan Leonard - Change Management Patterns

  • Ademar Aguiar - last but not least!