Retrospective Notes

Thanks to Adrian Lander.

Went well:

- venue / wine / organisation (boat trip / restaurant)

- internet connection (good for scrum blitzes)

- group energy and self-organisation

- work ethic, also helped by less individual ownership (collective ownership worked faster)

- starting on next item, when ready earlier

- "increment" (printed book)

- refactoring of patterns (eliminating a few of them)

- incorporating comments immediately sfter workshops

- helping fit in new members

- visual scrumboard (should have done from day 1)

- daily scrum

- working space (lounge)


- more small breaks

- starting on time, through working agreements

- lunch / dinner times (making sure service is on time and we are on time)

- length of time for food, should be reduced

- quality of breakfast

-exact start and end time of conference clear earlier

- dinner out not necessary

- game participation

- maybe rotate game ownership / hosting