Sashimi Scrum Blitz

Picture of Odawara Hotel

The name "Scrum" comes from Nonaka-sensei's impression that high performance teams engage in overlapping work, reminiscent of the way that layers of sashimi overlap on top of a bowl of rice. Us Scrum PLoPpers are going to get together and be sashimi, eat sashimi, and advance the Work in Progress as has been our very positive experience at past ScrumBlitzes! Many of the Scrum PLoP® principals are slated to be there — Adrian, Kiro-san, Lachlan, Cope, Gertrud, Ademar, and hopefully Cesário and Neil.

Place: Hilton Odawara, 250-0024, Odawara City, 583-1 Negukawa, Japan. You can Email them at or call them at +81-465-291-000.

Cost: $180 transportation from Tokyo; hotel is at most $200 / night. Everyone will be making individual arrangements for costs.

Further information: Kiro Harada, Please coordinate all arrangements with him.