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Alistair Cockburn describes software development as a cooperative game. Scrum provides one set of rules for one such way of playing the game. The Scrum Guide is the official rule book. However, the Scrum Guide doesn't tell you the rationale behind Scrum as a whole, or behind many of its successful practices. Those rationales come out of experience, community, and the insights of its founders and inventors. The ScrumPLoP mission is to build a body of pattern literature around those communities, describing those insights, so we can easily share them with the Scrum and Agile communities.

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I have read books by Sutherland, Cohn, Rubin, Lacey and more, and plenty more articles on top of that, but I have never found information more helpful on the subject of Scrum than what I found on your site. — Dana Pace

For years now, the site is one of the focus area in my CSM classes. Teams in class have to research a pattern and create a presentation on their pattern to the other teams in class. ... I make sure that they walk out of class with knowledge of this valuable resource to them as ScrumMasters. — Bob Sarni

Bob, I like your approach. Have started slowly to move in the same direction. Taking small reversible steps ;-) is a valuable source and reference. — Arne Åhlander

I haven't learned so much in such a short time for a long time. Very insightful. — Sohrab Salimi